We are here to help every step of the way.

Custom quotes tailored for your specific project

Our company offers comprehensive services that begin with providing obligation-free quotations, encompassing delivery and adherence to Australian structural engineering and building standards. These quotations cover the manufacturing costs as outlined in the building plans. Additionally, we specialise in designing various elements, including wall frames, floor trusses, and roof trusses, ensuring optimal functionality and compliance. So give us a call today and get started on your dream project.

We are proud to supply builders and owners

Explore our range of quality structural timber products, including softwoods and hardwoods, available for treatment if needed. At Frames and Trusses Gold Coast, we offer Pryda Span Floor and Pryda Longreach Floor Truss Systems. These innovative floor solutions not only streamline installation but also create ample space for service installations, saving builders both time and money.

Experience the precision of our pre-fabricated frames crafted by skilled tradesmen, ensuring a flawless end product. Our pre-fabricated roof trusses, meticulously designed by seasoned professionals using Pryda’s cutting-edge engineering software, guarantee structural integrity and peace of mind. Contact us for free professional quotes with no obligations.

Roof Trusses Gold Coast

We are here to help every step of the way

Bring in a developed set of plans or sketches on a napkin. We are set up to help you at whatever stage you are in. Our design team will work with you to craft the home with both beauty and efficiency. Keeping in mind and considering the high value of both personal and natural resources for the project. Our projects range from vacation homes to luxurious custom homes. We know that each project requires a special touch of creativity to make it the inspiring place you envision. We will listen to the needs and tastes of your family and craft a place that will be a legacy for you and your family.

Frames and Trusses Gold Coast

For all your project needs

Frames and Trusses Gold Coast is the premier supplier of pre-nail wall frames, floor trusses, roof trusses, and floor joists in South East Queensland. Including the Northern Rivers region. In addition to our top-notch framing solutions, we also provide a range of other products. These include flooring, decking, steel posts, and brackets. Whether you’re an owner-builder or in need of professional framing services, Frames and Trusses Gold Coast has you covered.

Frames and Trusses Gold Coast

Our business manufactures timber pre-nail wall frames, floor trusses, and roof trusses to meet residential housing requirements. Covering proposed new dwellings, extensions to existing dwellings. In addition we can supply all timber components for decks and pergolas for retail customers.

At Frames and Trusses Gold Coast, our dedicated team specialises in providing detailed quotations to a diverse clientele including local builders, owner builders, and contract building companies. Each quote is meticulously crafted based on the proposed or council-approved residential building plans submitted by our valued clients.